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11 Fantastic Ways to Enjoy a Delightful Getaway in Rustic Round Top, Texas Now

11 Fantastic Ways to Enjoy a Delightful Getaway in Rustic Round Top, Texas Now

Have you been looking for your next great getaway? Look no further than the charming and rustic town of Round Top, Texas. Nestled in the heart of Texas, this small town is just brimming with activities perfect for women over 50 looking to enjoy a tranquil and delightful escape. From historical sites to outdoor adventures, here are 11 fantastic ways to spend your time in rustic Round Top.

1. Visit the Historical Sites

Step back in time and explore some of the incredible historical sites that dot the landscape of Round Top. With over 15 historical markers throughout the area, there’s plenty to explore. Be sure to check out the World’s Smallest Catholic Church (less than a five minute drive outside town) and the historic cemetery located outside Bethlehem Lutheran Church, where an 1866 organ is still in use today.

Historic Cemetery at Bethlehem Lutheran Church in Round Top, Texas

2. Attend an Event

If you’re looking to enjoy some entertainment while on your getaway, be sure to attend one of Round Top’s many events. Popular events include the One Square Mile Music Festival, Dinner in the Hayfield, classical music performances at Festival Hill and art shows downtown featuring both local and international artists.

3. Go Antiquing

What would a trip to rustic Round Top be without an antique shopping spree? You can find plenty of unique antiques tucked away among the shops lining Main Street or along Highway 237 – from vintage clothing and furniture, to jewelry, books, knickknacks, artwork and more! The Original Round Top Antiques Fair occurs every spring.

4. Explore Outdoor Adventures

Not only does Round Top offer plenty of indoor activities – it also has a variety of outdoor ones! Take a leisurely stroll along a trail around nearby Lake Fayette, go bird watching, roll the windows down for a scenic drive or simply admire nature up close as you relax beneath gorgeous live oak trees – there’s something for everyone!

11 Fantastic Ways to Enjoy a Delightful Getaway in Rustic Round Top, Texas Now
Photo – Along a Scenic Drive Near Round Top, Texas

5. Relax at Local Spas

After spending all day exploring all that Rustic Round Top has to offer, why not end it with some pampering? Stop by one of their local spas for some much-needed relaxation – whether it’s getting a massage or facial treatment or simply taking some time alone in their meditation room – you won’t regret it.

6. Eat Pie

Since 2011, visitors to Round Top started stopping in at Royer’s Pie Haven before heading back home. Tara, the pie queen, is the owner and the creative baker behind Round Top’s now-famous pie shop. Which pie will you try? Blueberry Lemon or perhaps Texas Trash?

7. Read a Book

Be sure to bring a book to read on your getaway weekend in Round Top. Because when you find yourself sitting on a plank porch in a wooden rocker, having a book in your hand will help keep you there just a little longer.

8. Finish a Manuscript

Are you an author with an unfinished manuscript? A few days in rustic Round Top, Texas may be all it takes to complete the project. Don’t forget your laptop cord!

9. Meet in the Middle

When we moved to Austin from Amarillo, some very good friends from The Woodlands suggested we meet in the middle on a lovely springtime day. The drive was beautiful, the weather was perfect, lunch was delicious, and the company couldn’t have been better. What a great idea it was to meet in the middle.

11 Fantastic Ways to Enjoy a Delightful Getaway in Rustic Round Top, Texas Now
Friends Meeting in the Middle at Round Top, Texas

10. Enjoy the Eateries

With nearly a dozen eateries to choose from, yummy meals are always just around the corner for Round Top’s locals and visitors alike. Last year, my besties and I had a hard time choosing where to have dinner when we were there. We finally settled on Royer’s Cafe, where I ordered a selection called Micah’s Pasta. It was just as outstanding as it was described on the menu.

11 Fantastic Ways to Enjoy a Delightful Getaway in Rustic Round Top, Texas Now
Micah’s Pasta at Royer’s Cafe in Round Top, Texas

11. Shop at Junk Gypsy

Don’t let the name fool you. There’s no junk at Junk Gypsy. But you will find lots of cute stuff. Not sophisticated, nor elegant. Just glitzy and glammy and just right for that certain gypsy look. The owners even designed Miranda Lambert’s tour bus!

Whether you seek adventure or relaxation (or both!), the beautiful and rustic town of Round Top has something for everyone who is looking for an enjoyable getaway experience. From its plentiful outdoor activities to its unique antique stores filled with treasures waiting to be discovered – there are countless ways for you and your friends to make lasting memories in this charming part of Texas.

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