Bestselling Books by Texas Pastors

Bestselling Books By Favorite Texas Pastors

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Texans love their churches. Many of us have grown up going to church, and we still love to go. We’re passionate about the worship, excited about the message, and proud of the pastors who lead us. They are great leaders, faithful servants and really good authors, whose writings make lots of

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February in Texas: 10 Super Fun Things to Do

During February in Texas, the weather can be iffy or spiffy - all in the same hour! Yep, it can be snowing in the morning and change to shorts-temperature by mid-afternoon. The good thing is, if you're looking for a good place to enjoy the month of February, you can't get any better than the Lone Star State. We've got hot, and we've got cold. And if you get tired of one, the other is just down the road. Here's just a snippet of the fun that can be had during February in Texas. And, don't worry. If you start havin'

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The Only Resolution I've Ever Fully Kept

The Only Resolution I’ve Ever Fully Kept

The Only Resolution I've Ever Fully Kept Here we are, almost a full month into the new year! Have you made some resolutions? Did you spend some time formulating the goals you want to reach in the coming months? Me, too. However, while most of the bullet-pointed items never come to fruition, one thing I resolved has really stuck. Here's the story behind the only resolution I've ever fully kept.

Water Hoses and Western Wear When I began dating a boy in high school whose dad farmed a little, I bought a pair of

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Tips for Decluttering Cards and Letters

Note: This post was first written when we lived in Austin and had just moved to a downtown apartment. I've recently updated it with some new content after I revisited the subject of decluttering cards and letters.

The Number One Comment The number one comment I hear when we tell people we've moved downtown goes something like this. "We could never do that - we have waaaaaaaayyyy too much stuff." I thought the same thing. Until we did it.

It's a Transitional Process For us, moving downtown was a

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5 Ways to Celebrate Martin Luther King, Jr. Day in Texas

5 Ways to Celebrate Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

[caption id="attachment_29810" align="aligncenter" width="680"] Photo - The King Center[/caption] Ways to Celebrate Martin Luther King, Jr. Day I remember a few discussions with my parents about separate water fountains and signs that directed white people to go one way and black people to go another. Their words made me think of a black girl on our high school basketball team who had the admiration of everyone in the school. I thought of her as a star student in every way, and if I had gone to another place to get a drink of

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