The Violet Crown is Worth the Drive Downtown

Movies are just so much fun.  One of my friends started going to a Tuesday afternoon movie when her kids were in Mother’s Day Out and has never stopped.  My parents love to watch movies at home, but occasionally, if there’s a great action film on the big screen, they make plans and go.  Every year on the Friday after Thanksgiving, my sister-in-law’s whole turkey-stuffed family has seen a movie together.

Movies are great fun – and the theaters are a big part of the experience.

Palomitas para el cine

Lots of people in Texas live in small towns and only go to movies when they have a whole day planned “in the city.” Making it worth everyone’s while, theaters started ramping up the experience, and now, moviegoers really have it made.  We’ve been to Alamo Drafthouse, Moviehouse & Eatery, and lots of times to the best bargain in town, Lake Creek Discount Theater.  They each have their own claim to fame here in Austin.

But if you can only do one, do the Violet Crown.

I’m not sure why there are only three Violet Crown theaters in the country, but I am sure we have a jewel of a movie theater here in downtown Austin.  Beautifully situated in the 2nd Street District, the Violet Crown is a great place to see a movie, and, it’s definitely worth the trip downtown.

One night, we enjoyed a slow hand-holding walk down the tree-lined streets, twinkling with tiny white lights, saw the movie, and then had coffee afterward at Café Ruckus across the street.  Most recently, when the kids were in town, we walked to the theater, divvied up some really delicious small pre-movie pizzas together, and then shared free-refilled popcorn when we got to our seats.  Our very comfy reserved seats.  That’s another plus for the Violet Crown – online ticket ordering is super-easy, and every seat is a good one.

Jeff Bridges is one of my favorite actors.  What a good bank-robber-catchin’ sheriff he was in “Hell or High Water.” We left the movie with lots to talk about, and each of us agreed that “we didn’t see that coming.” There … that should be enough to make you want to go see it.    smiley face


So, whether you’re in town for a conference or a wedding, need a good idea for a date night, or just haven’t been downtown in a while, park your car inside the garage connected to the Violet Crown (free for four hours if you have a movie ticket), get yourself some fresh hot popcorn (which is the best movie popcorn I’ve ever had, by the way), sit back in a big comfy leather chair, and enjoy a movie…

Violet Crown style.

Encouraging intentional adventure and a downtown movie night,


PS – Do you have a favorite movie theater?










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