3 Best Restaurant Chains Worth the Money

When you get a chance to meander down or across to a big Texas city, do you first scope out the foodie blogs and plan your meals around the latest local faves? Me, too.
Recently, however, I found myself thinking about how nice it is to enjoy a traditional dinner in one of Texas’ best restaurant chains.
There’s a lot of competition around here, but these three places have determined to stay on top. They can definitely be a little pricey, but with consistent menus, stellar service, and desserts with plenty of wow factor, I believe these nationally known establishments are worth the money you’ll pay.

Truluck’s Appetizers

If there’s a better shrimp cocktail, I have yet to find it. Whether you’re a millennial looking to impress a date, or you’re Over Fifty enjoying an appetizer after work, I think you’ll be so happy with this choice. White tablecloths and shrimp cocktail are truly the makings of a relaxing evening, aren’t they?
Get your appetizer fix soon at one of Truluck’s six locations in Texas.

3 Best Restaurant Chains Worth the Money

Bob’s Steaks and Sides

We’ve enjoyed the patio dining at Bob’s in downtown Austin several times. I would say many times, but then it would appear to my readers that I never cook. But, I will say this. If I could eat this dang carrot at Bob’s Steak & Chop House every night of the week, I would do it.
Mike and I typically share the steak, and believe it or not, they don’t split the sides. They make sure we each have a full plate, even when we share. Bob’s is a restaurant chain that feels more like a neighborhood kitchen.
You’ll love dinner at any of Bob’s eight Texas locations, but that rooftop spot in Austin will knock your socks off. Maybe your boots as well.

3 Best Restaurant Chains Worth the Money

Pappadeaux Desserts

Man, I’m starting to think this would be the most perfect progressive dinner, you guys. We could start with appetizers, move to steaks, then wind it all up with a yummy dessert at Pappadeaux Seafood Kitchen.
Have you tried the key lime pie? As they say on the Floridian coast, it will make you well. Actually, I’ve never heard anyone say that in Florida, but they probably should say it about good key lime pie like this one.
Get your own generous slice of citrus heaven at one of Texas’ many locations of this Houston-based restaurant chain.

3 Best Restaurant Chains Worth the Money

Not so many years ago, we were piling kids into a Texas-sized Suburban and driving miles from home for well-planned getaways. Eating out was always a big part of the fun, and when it came to choosing where to spend hard-earned dollars on dinner for five, there were certain criteria from which we never wavered. No chains. Let’s eat something we can’t find at home.
Well, these days, I look forward to a celebratory dinner at a place known for what you’ll find in any of these 3 best restaurant chains, my friends. Consistent menus, stellar service, a little bit of ambiance, and a ticket that is worth every penny.
Yep, that’s what I’m talkin’ about.
Encouraging intentional adventure, along with some tried-and-true favorites,

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