The Carpenter Hotel – Retro Comfy Meets South Austin Trendy

Austin has no shortage of great places to the stay the night. If you want fancy, we’ve got it. Prefer rustic? There’s plenty of that around these parts, too.

But if you’re looking for a hotel that offers a retro feel with a side note of history, you might want to check out The Carpenter Hotel on Josephine Street.

Hall Turned Hotel

This is the way the building looked back in the day when it was the Carpenters Union Hall.

The Carpenter Hotel

Photo from The Carpenter Hotel

It’s Got Good Bones

A building that still looks this good after all those years must have some pretty good bones, right? Looks like those carpenters took good care of the place.

The Carpenter Hotel

Photo from Austin Over Fifty

Reading Room and Lounging Area

Comfy couches, a vintage fan, and windows that open to let in a little breeze.

There’s something quite retro about the feel of this place, but everything also looks new and well-chosen.

The Carpenter Hotel

Photo from Austin Over Fifty

Another View of the Reading Room

What do you think of the décor? Does it make you want to plop down with a cup of coffee and enjoy a little thinkin’ time?

It sure does affect me that way.

The Carpenter Hotel

Photo from Austin Over Fifty

Every Great Hotel Needs a Pool

Very understated and very calm. That’s how I would describe The Carpenter Hotel‘s pool area. Oh, and very inviting.

That, too.

The Carpenter Hotel

Photo from Austin Over Fifty

Here’s What the Rooms Look Like

When you come to Austin, you don’t need a hotel with a lot of fluff, because you’ll hardly be spending any time there. However, every Austin tourist or traveler needs a comfy place to sleep.

The Carpenter Hotel has created simple spaces where guests can unplug, catch a few winks and power up for another full day’s itinerary in the Capital City.

The Carpenter Hotel

Photo from The Carpenter Hotel

Hot L Coffee

Get it? Y’all know I love a good play on words. Or word.

South Austin doesn’t get any trendier than its coffee shops. Wouldn’t it be retro-cool if there was an actual percolator behind that counter! Mmmm,

The Carpenter Hotel

Photo from The Carpenter Hotel

But Wait! There’s More 

Just in case you want to rent the whole hotel and host a reunion or something fun like that, The Carpenter Hotel has a unique meeting space out back, under the half-moon metal awning. Doesn’t this look like a fun place to have a party?

The Carpenter Hotel

Photo from The Carpenter Hotel

What’s Close By?

Several Austin icons are within walking distance of The Carpenter Hotel, including P.Terry’s Burger Stand, Shady Grove, Peter Pan Mini Golf and Zach Theatre.

The Carpenter Hotel

Photo from Austin Over Fifty (our cute son-in-law)

Who Should Book a Room?

Now that you’ve seen the photos and your weekend-getaway ideas have started churning, let’s talk. Out of all the hotels in all of Austin, should you choose this one?

  • YES – if you like a slightly historical setting.
  • NO – if you prefer a bed you have to climb up into.
  • YES – if your idea of a relaxing morning involves coffee, poolside.
  • NO – if you prefer a quiet neighborhood spot.
  • YES – if you want to eat at great restaurants within walking distance.
  • NO – if you’re a member of a national hotel chain rewards program, working up to a free stay.
  • YES – if you really enjoy trying the latest of all things trendy.

What Do You Think?

What do you think about The Carpenter Hotel? Is this a place you might want to stay on your next visit to Austin? Leave a comment below to share your thoughts.

Encouraging intentional adventure,

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