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Water Theme Makes Big Splash with Granddaughter

I Can Only Go So Long If you know me, you know I'm completely crazy about my granddaughter. I think about her every single day, and if the days stretch on very long without the joy of being in her presence, I start getting the dadgum shakes. The munchkin has been to Austin many times, and we always find new things to do, but for her recent summer visit, I thought we might spice it up a bit with a t-h-e-m-e. I mean, every good party needs a theme, right? After mulling over many possibilities, it clearly came down to this pretty

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Grandkids Coming to Visit? Make it More Fun With a Theme!

Grandkids Coming to Visit?  Do your grandkids live in the same city and come over to your house for frequent sleepovers? Do they, instead, live far enough away that, when they come, they get to stay a whole week? Either way, having the grandkids under your roof (and squished up next to you in the bed!) is the, if you ask this Grammy. Here are 5 grand ideas and 50 fun suggestions to make the visit even more fun with a theme. Your grandkids will enjoy the anticipation when you announce that this year's visit will be

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