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Restaurant Weeks in Texas – 5 Helpful Tips to Make Your Experience Amazing

Texas is blessed with a world of restaurant choices any time of the year, but during August, we have an opportunity to try something new while also helping local food banks.

It's Called Restaurant Weeks

Local Texas food banks have partnered with hundreds of Texas restaurants to fund thousands upon thousands of meals for those who need them.

[caption id="attachment_28519" align="aligncenter" width="680"] Publicity for D/FW Restaurant Weeks 2019[/caption]

Every August,

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#6 – Culinary Firsts (Top 10 Experiences of 2018)

Everyday Intentional Adventure One of the easiest ways to add adventure to your life is to find or create new culinary experiences. Here at Texas Over Fifty, you'll find plenty of encouragement to do just that. Culinary Experiences Can Be Big Texas Adventures For those of us who live in Texas cities, the chance to try something new in the foodie world is probably never further than up the street or down the block. Austin's restaurant culture has become world-famous, and Fredericksburg is in the top 10% of restaurant sales at

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3 Best Restaurant Chains Worth the Money

When you get a chance to meander down or across to a big Texas city, do you first scope out the foodie blogs and plan your meals around the latest local faves? Me, too. Recently, however, I found myself thinking about how nice it is to enjoy a traditional dinner in one of Texas' best restaurant chains. There's a lot of competition around here, but these three places have determined to stay on top. They can definitely be a little pricey, but with consistent menus, stellar service, and desserts with plenty of wow factor, I believe

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The 5 Restaurants Next Up On My List to Try

If you're a list-maker, list-taker, list-lover like I am, you might also have a list of all the restaurants you've tried, liked, loved - or wouldn't recommend to anyone. I have such lists, and in the same order as the previous categories, my lists are long, long, long and short. Here's why. It's not hard for me to find something I like at pretty much any restaurant.  Especially in Austin. While I definitely have developed a detailed list of favorites, I'm always game for trying some grub at a new spot or checking an

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