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5 Books for Moms – Austin Over Fifty

Books for Moms Moms love books and books love moms. If your mom is like most, she's always got a list or a stack of what she wants to read soon or next summer. She discusses new reads with her friends and thinks about re-reading treasured favorites. In corners on shelves, in boxes in the attic, between the canisters on her kitchen counter, and in baskets beside her favorite chair, moms have lovingly placed their books. Is there a day that goes by when a mom doesn't touch a book?  There might be a day or two go by when we moms

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How to Have a Special Mother’s Day When the Kids Can’t Come

Since we’ve moved to Austin, and since everyone in the family lives somewhere else, we just can’t be together on every single important occasion. It can be hard, and I’m sure I’m not the only one who gets it. So, in the way that only he can, my sweet husband made Mother's Day special for me. No kids in town? No worries. We were going to have a great day anyway, celebrating the joys of my own motherhood, and the blessings we have received from our moms. How kind is my husband! Here’s how he treated me to a very wonderful day.

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