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50 “I Will” Statements to Live By If You’re Over Fifty

So much of turning 50 is pure fun, y'all. Wild, crazy, middle-aged, uninhibited, who-gives-a-rip, F-U-N. But there's more to turning 50 than meets the bifocaled eye, my friends. Stuff happens. Stuff HAS happened. Stuff will continue to happen. Getting past 50 to 60 and beyond requires some serious resolve, if you ask me. We've got to stick together. We need some group-think tactics and some I WILL determination for this decade! So.Here.Ya.Go. I've gathered a little list of 50 I WILL statements for all of us to live by. Tack 'em

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50 Fabulous Ways to Celebrate Your 50th Birthday in Austin, Texas

Welcome to the Fabulous 50's, my friend!  How are you feeling about your big 5-0? Does it feel like this date flopped onto the calendar out of the blue, or have you been planning a celebratory shindig for months? Either way, let me just assure you, life is about to get good in a whole lot of new ways. So get yourself a warm mug of Metamucil, and read on, my friend. 50 Ways to Celebrate Your 50th Birthday in Austin, Texas The following list of 50 Ways to Celebrate Your BIG 5-0 is about to inspire the compression socks right

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50 Fun Ideas to Do While You’re Stuck Inside on a Rainy Day

Whether you have kids in the house or you're Emptynesters Over Fifty, a rainy day need not inhibit your fun! If you could use a little fresh inspiration for what to do when the storm clouds come, here's a list of ideas that can make being stuck inside a whole lot more enjoyable. 1. Play UNO. 2. Drink coffee. Make it extra-special by using your French press, or make homemade peppermint mochas. 3. Play Spoons. 4. Read a book. Now is the time to pull that classic off the shelf and dig in. 5. Give each other pedicures. 6.

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