How to Have a Special Mother’s Day When the Kids Can’t Come

Since we’ve moved to Austin, and since everyone in the family lives somewhere else, we just can’t be together on every single important occasion.
It can be hard, and I’m sure I’m not the only one who gets it. So, in the way that only he can, my sweet husband made Mother’s Day special for me. No kids in town? No worries.
We were going to have a great day anyway, celebrating the joys of my own motherhood, and the blessings we have received from our moms.
How kind is my husband! Here’s how he treated me to a very wonderful day. Feel free to try some of his sure-to-please ideas if you’re facing a day that could get a little lonely without some intentional adventure in it.

Coffee Like I Like It…and CBS Sunday Morning

How to Have a Special Mother's Day When the Kids Can't Come

Photo courtesy CBS Sunday Morning

My husband and oldest child are news junkies. Not me. I’ll risk being called shallow here to say that really, just a few interesting current event tidbits discussed over dinner is all I want. Except when it comes to the news on CBS Sunday Morning. I like to watch the whole show, every minute. Every personality profile is fascinating. Every story is enlightening. I especially love when Jane Pauley is reading the script. She’s like everyone’s calm and classy big sister. Watching CBS Sunday Morning in your jammies with a big mug of coffee like I like it (one part cream to three parts brewed flavored coffee) is a relaxing experience. And a great way to start Mother’s Day.

Church at Riverbend

How to Make Mother's Day Special When the Kids Can't Come

Photo courtesy Riverbend Church

There are so many great churches in Austin where people gather to worship. And while I know the church is the people, not the building, still, if there’s a prettier church building in Austin, I’ve not seen it, and I do love worshiping in this beautiful place called Riverbend Church. Today, the message was extra special because the focus was on a mother named Hannah (1 Samuel 1) who cried out to God for a son, and God answered Hannah’s prayer. Our pastor called his wife to the stage to talk about the prayers of a mom, and she said, “A mother can’t not pray.” How true. Moms love their children deeply and are willing to pray all night, fast all day, and do it again and again in order to bring the needs of those children to God on their behalf. I have read all of Stormie Omartian’s books, including: The Power of a Praying Parent years ago (so motivating) and The Power of Praying for Your Adult Children recently (so comforting). Nobody knows this parental prayer subject like Stormie Omartian, and I consider these books to have affected my prayer life more than anything else. (*Update: We no longer go to Riverbend Church, but are thankful for the time we spent there and the friends we made!)

Lunch at Whole Foods Market Flagship Store

How to Make Mother's Day Special When the Kids Can't Come

Photo courtesy Whole Foods Market

One of my favorite Mother’s Day celebrations when the kids were younger included a fried chicken picnic on a rare wind-free spring day in Amarillo. This Mother’s Day lunch at Whole Foods was a picnic of a different kind, but not a bad substitute. While we watched the rain come down, we enjoyed an indoor picnic for two. The food was truly delicious. Salmon, veggies and an Honest Tea. So good. Whole Foods in Austin is, and probably always be, one of my favorite places. It’s just cool. While we enjoyed lunch, we talked about our mothers and things we appreciated about them. Mike’s mom was 44 when he was born, the last of her four children.  I’ll share more about the plan of God on Mike’s life, but now, I’ll say this.  Mike’s mom was funny, endearing and absolutely devoted to her son.  However, she and his dad never enjoyed a good marriage.  Over our 35 years of marriage, we’ve “hashed it out,” and we respect our parents for many good thing about themselves.  But occasionally, we just have to laugh about it all.  Today at lunch, I learned something new about Mike’s parents that he hadn’t ever told me before. He said his parents drove 50 miles to see a counselor once after a big weekend hullabaloo, stopped at a bar on the way home from the counseling session, and went on continuing to have regular weekend hullabaloos. In his way of expressing the difficult with humor, Mike said about that counseling session, “It didn’t take.” Who knows what you’ll find out over lunch at Whole Foods  and a little bit of Honest Tea. (pun intended!)

Two Book Stores

How to Have a Special Mother's Day When the Kids Can't Come

Seriously, this is how I know how much Mike loves me. A browse through BookPeople is a treat for any book lover, but my husband doesn’t fall into that category.  He would rather read a newspaper than a book any day.  Second choice for him would be an informational podcast.  So if he’s willing to meander through category after category and section after section of socks, bookmarks, books and journals, he’s really doing it for ME. And THEN…since I had a 20% off coupon to Barnes & Noble, we went there, too! More meandering. More leisurely looking. More pictures of books I’d love to read sometime soon. He knows there’s absolutely no way I’ll read all these books, but he acts interested and doesn’t say a word about it. Like I said, this is how I absolutely know how much he loves me.

Gigi’s Cupcakes

How to Make Mother's Day Special When the Kids Can't Come

After seeing Gigi on Undercover Boss, we discovered a location close to us. We’ve been talking about going there, and tried once, but they were sold out. So, in the rain, we went today. Because without any kids here, we certainly didn’t cook lunch, and we sure didn’t bake a homemade dessert. Here’s my critique of Gigi’s. They’re pretty. The store itself was less than I expected. A young mom and her little girl bought cupcakes and ate them in the store. No music, no cute plate, no coffee. The cupcake was served in a recyclable cardboard bowl. I wanted this to be the Cadillac of all cupcake shops, but I was disappointed. Enough said. But they are pretty. (*Update: Currently researching for a blog post on Capital Cupcakes of Austin, I plan to give Gigi’s another try!)
So, there you have it. It was a great day filled with sweetness and surprises. Thanks, Honey!
Were your kids home for Mother’s Day? Did they treat you at their own home instead? How did you celebrate? Did you learn anything new about a special mom in your life? I’d love to hear.
Encouraging intentional adventure,

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