Gus’s World Famous Fried Chicken

Two known facts:  1)Boys like to eat.  2)Fried chicken makes boys very happy.

We’ve eaten at lots of great Austin restaurants, but until Keagon came home begging and pleading for fried chicken, Gus’s wasn’t on our list.  I mean, yes, I love fried chicken, too.  I just usually think of getting a bucket for a picnic.  Or frying up a bunch in my mom’s electric skillet for a Farmer Family Function.  That’s on Sunday, though.  This was a weeknight.  Ain’t no way I was going to fry chicken on a weeknight.

But when the boy is home, and the boy wants fried chicken, the boy is gonna get it.  And besides, we do have some chicken that’s world-famous in these parts.  (no pun intended)

There are 17 Gus’s locations in the country, but only one in Texas – so far.  Considering the fact that the one Texas location is right here in Downtown Austin, that must mean it’s really good.

It was.  


The menu is a simple, laminated list of starters, plates and desserts. The blue and white table coverings just make you think “picnic.” Which means this: eat with your hands, and no one will care.


We should have shared.


I’m a sucker for fried okra.  With fried chicken.  And french fries. (Don’t think – just eat.) smiley face


Oh, snap, it’s raining.

Guess we’ll have to wait it out – with a piece of pie. smiley face


Maybe if we share it three ways, it won’t be so bad. smiley face


Fried chicken, pecan pie, and a walk in the rain.

Maybe we’ll have to do this again – next time the boy comes home starving. smiley face

Encouraging intentional adventure wherever your hungry boy takes you,


PS – Where is your favorite place to order fried chicken – picnic or otherwise??


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