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5 Outstanding Places for Patio Dining Near the Capitol

If you're spending a few days in Austin or you're planning your next date night, you might want to check out my list of 5 outstanding places for patio dining near the Capitol.  One of the very best, most wonderful and amazing things about the Texas Hill Country is the ease with which we enjoy dining outside. Morning, noon and night for almost three-fourths of the year, people eat on the patio, on a balcony or on a blanket at a park. People say that's because of the bats. The bats eat the flies. At least that's what they told

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My Recommendations for Your Upscale Austin Valentine Dinner

Happy Valentine's Day!  Celebrating Valentine’s Day with those you love is a sweet treat, no matter where you do it. But if you want to spend a little time discussing life and love over a fabulous dinner at an upscale restaurant where the service is always stellar, try one of these fine Austin establishments. I personally recommend each and every one! The Capital Grille If there is anything not to like about The Capital Grille, I've yet to find it. Although you will be plenty happy with your choice of any spot on this list,

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New and Coming Soon to Austin’s Restaurant Scene

Living in Austin is fun for a jillion reasons, not the least of which is the abundance of fantastic restaurants around here.  As one of our friends says, "When people ask me what's my favorite Austin restaurant, I usually say it's the last one where I ate. They're ALL so good!" There are plenty of restaurants to choose from after a sunset Bat Cruise on Lady Bird Lake.

Here are some new and some coming soon eateries to the Austin foodie scene. The only dilemma will be deciding which one to try first! Let's start

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Celebrate National Soup Month With Austin’s Best Bowls

"Eating Soup. Thick soup served in a soup dish is eaten with the soup spoon. If you want to get the last bit of it, there is no impropriety in tipping the dish away from you in order to collect it at the edge. Indeed you are paying a subtle compliment to your hostess by this demonstrating how good it is. Drink thin soups and bouillons served in cups, as you would tea or coffee, but if there are vegetables or noodles left in the bottom, eat them with the spoon, rather than struggle unattractively to make them slide from the cup

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Little City Coffee Roasters Makes Big Impact on Austin Coffee Drinkers

Little City Coffee Roasters Makes Big Impact on Austin Coffee Drinkers It was a little too early to wake the sleeping giant beside me that Sunday morning. Just because I couldn’t go back to sleep didn’t mean I should disrupt the blessed zzzzzzs of my sweet, hormonally-balanced man. I had already been awake for almost two hours. Thinking. Praying. Planning. Perusing Facebook on my phone. Being quiet. It was Sunday. We can sleep in on Sundays, I reminded myself. You should go back to sleep, I self-instructed. Oh, well, I can

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A Carefree New Place to Eat – Caroline on Congress Avenue

If you've been reading along with me on this intentionally-adventurous journey, you know that I dearly LOVE all things Congress Avenue. From the Capitol Building to, there's never anything boring about Texas' Main Street. Now, there's a new place to eat, and I just love it. Caroline on Congress Avenue From the font to the front door, Caroline's mission is obvious- inviting and carefree dining for locals and visitors alike. Passersby can check out the menu before they go inside this incredible multi-faceted

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The Question I’m Asked Most Often

Where should we eat? People ask me this question all the time, but for lots of different reasons.  Maybe company is coming to town. Maybe they're new to Austin. Most are celebrating something special in their lives. No matter why they’re asking, though, I’m thrilled that they do! I love Austin, and I love to share about what we've found to do, see and eat. Since moving here, we’ve kept a running register of the restaurants we’ve tried. Would you like to guess just how many different names are on the list?

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Everybody Needs a Favorite Burger

Everybody needs a favorite burger. In Amarillo, we had a favorite burger - or two. One family spot we frequented had a counter where you placed your order and they wrote down your name. After you found your table, you patiently waited until the familiar words rang out on the sound system for all the patrons to hear: Brenda, YOUR BUNS ARE UP. All the middleschoolers in our pack thought that was great fun. In Austin, when it's time for a burger (and somehow, we all just know when it's time, don't we?), we make a mad dash to the

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An Italian Wine Pairing Experience at Numero 28

Not too long ago, I declared myself to be a trendspotter. Does anyone remember why??  No? It's ok. I'll remind you.  There's a definite trend going on downtown. If-a you speak-a some Italiano, you might-a know what I'm-a talking about-a. Italian restaurants are the most happening spots for downtown dining right now. It's a trend, all right. Spotter here. Calling it. (Just let me revel in my rightness for two seconds and I'll be done. Promise.) We were introduced to this very cute Italian eatery by some new friends who

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Top Ten Best Desserts in Austin

If there had been a university in all the land which offered a "Bachelor of Fine Arts - Dessert," I would have enrolled, made straight A's and proudly framed the diploma on a wall in my kitchen. My parents would have played bridge with their friends, discussed all the children's lives and have been able to do their share of bragging about me. "Oh, she's doing so well in school! But do pray for her. She's studying for an especially difficult exam this week on creme brulee and chocolate cake." Actually, with my very best Downton

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