Make Your Reservations Now to See The Blue Hole and Jacob’s Well

Two places that always top the charts of Austin area must-see locations are The Blue Hole and Jacob’s Well. After 4 years of living here, we recently decided it was way past time to see these two gems for ourselves.
If you’re like us, and you’ve never seen these well-Instagrammed spots either, check out the reservation pages here and here. There are still available times between now and the last day of swimming – September 30.

The Blue Hole

The Blue Hole itself is a gorgeous water feature inside the 126-acre Blue Hole Regional Park operated by the City of Wimberley. To merely lay eyes upon this spot, you can sign in at the entrance for a 15 minute look, but to actually swim under the towering cypress trees surrounding the Blue Hole, you must have a reservation.

The Blue Hole in Wimberley, Texas

Simply pay your fee online ($10 / adult, $6 youth / $6 senior), show up on the scheduled day, check in at the park window, and then spread out your swim day picnic on the sprawling lawn. 

The Blue Hole in Wimberley, Texas

The reservation system for this swim area keeps the crowd size manageable for the space, as well as for the lifeguard on duty. Each ticket is purchased for either 9-1:00 or 2-6:00 pm. During that hour in between, the staff is busy sprucing things up for the second shift and giving the lifeguard a welcomed lunch break.
Speaking of the lifeguard, the sweet college student we met possessed a wealth of knowledge about the area. She seemed to really love her summer job. My goodness, this looked like lifeguard heaven to me.
Instead of sitting under a big umbrella in the hot sun, a lifeguard at The Blue Hole gets to nestle her chair under the lush shade of 100 year-old cypress trees and watch families have old-fashioned fun in the water. What a great summer gig!

The Blue Hole in Wimberley, Texas

To me, this scenic swimming hole has a very nostalgic feel about it and has the flair of a place you might find described on the pages of a lazy summer beach read.
There are kids swinging wide from the ropes tied to the sturdy branches of these stately trees, doing flips and landing in the hole, while friends or family stand in the water and look on.

The Blue Hole in Wimberley, Texas

Jacob’s Well

Since we didn’t have a reservation, and since the policy is strict about that (for good reason), I was not able to shmooze a way in for us to show up unannounced and swim at either of these two lovely Texas swimming holes, but you sure can’t blame me for trying.
Man, y’all – these are some amazing day trip destinations in the heart of Central Texas! 

Jacob's Well

About 5 miles northwest of The Blue Hole is Jacob’s Well. Situated on 81 acres of designated Natural Area, this artesian well releases thousands of gallons of water per day from the Trinity Aquifer.
At a constant 60 degree temperature, those who brave the jump are rewarded with a very cold burst of reward!

Jacob's Well

Onlookers encourage jumpers, but for ME to jump off into the dark, cavernous hole of Jacob’s Well? Well, it would take more than encouragement. Like maybe I would do it for a million dollars.
Or a new car. Yeah, I guess I might do it for a new car. 

What do you think? Would you do it? We stood and watched for a while, and I gotta tell you, some people were seriously conquering their fears here at Jacob’s Well.
Can you just imagine how William Winters’ eyes must have bugged out when he first discovered this well in the early 1850’s? History says Mr. Williams had hiked up Cypress Creek, searching for its source, when all of a sudden he happened upon an overflowing spring “like unto a well in Bible times.”
I’m absolutely positive he was praising God for the glorious site he beheld. 

Time to Head Home

There are a few picnic tables outside the entrance to Jacob’s Well, but we had a little more to see before we headed back to our urban abode, so we opened the sunroof, cranked the air up and made our way to the Willow City Loop.

The Willow City Loop

This private road is lauded in article after article as being one of Texas’ most scenic drives. Again, after living in Austin over four years … yep, that’s right.  It was high time we see it for our scenery-lovin’ selves.
Obviously, this is about as scenic as it gets in the heat of a Texas hill country summer, but aren’t those boots on the fence posts cute? And, the word on the street (or the Loop) is that this very same stretch of asphalt looks like bluebonnet heaven come spring.
I think I see another road trip in our future. Well, actually, I always see another road trip in our future. But, we’ll be back to see those beautiful flowers when next April rolls around, for sure and for certain.

Blue Hole and Jacob's Well Day Trip

And of course, what’s a hill country excursion during the dog days of summer without a stop for peach ice cream at Gold’s Orchards?
After four years of living here in Austin, I just can’t even imagine.
Encouraging intentional adventure all over this wonderful state we call home,

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