What to Do For your Mom When You Can’t Be There on Mother’s Day

What to Do for Your Mom When You Can't Be There on Mother's Day

For everyone who has a mom or is one, Mother’s Day can be a delightful occasion. Gifts, flowers, fruity desserts and cards are the order of the day, while moms just get to sit back and soak it all in like a sweet slice of southern pound cake covered with syrupy strawberries.

Sometimes You Can’t Be There

But what if you’re not actually able to actually BE with your mom on the second Sunday in May? Of course, you would be if you could be. Yet, there are times when it can’t happen.

One young girl I know is so sad she can’t get home this weekend to see her mom, but she’s studying for a huge exam on Monday and can’t afford to spend the long hours in the car that it would take to get home. Another friend has limited vacation from work and limited funds for a cross-country flight. Others are blessed to have two or three moms and grandmothers in their lives and have to decide which one they will celebrate with this year.

What to Do for Your Mom

Here are 5 ways you can let your mom know she’s loved and adored on her special day even if you can’t physically be with her to say it.

Send a Meaningful Card

One sweet person in our family is as creative as she is thoughful. Her handmade cards treasured works of art, not because they would ever be hung on the wall of a museum, but because of the individually inspired sentiment so evident in each card.  (Here are some ideas for making your own pretty cards using the wildly popular Cricut.)

What to Do For Your Mom When You Can't Be There on Mother's Day

Check out tons of creative ideas for card making at 100 Directions.com.

FaceTime or Skype

Stay close to your charger and have a virtual Mother’s Day! Man, if you remember the bag phones of Y2K, you’re surely as awed as I am by the iPhone technology of today. Who would’ve thought we would be able to talk to our moms on the phone and be able to see them at the same time. Make your FaceTime even more special by eating breakfast or looking through old photos “together” as you visit.

What to Do For Your Mom When You Can't Be There on Mother's Day

Do Something Nice for Someone Else

Isn’t it so easy to get down in the dumps when a special occasion rolls around and it seems like everyone else in the whole world is enjoying it but you? Your own mother will be happier if she knows you’re not sitting around moping, so forget all your troubles and forget all your cares for a few hours by helping to make someone else’s day brighter. Gather some moms whose kids aren’t around and fix waffles, or serve lunch at a homeless shelter. Here’s a link to tons of available volunteer opportunities in Austin. Take your selfie stick! Your mom will love to see what you did in her honor and share the joy with her friends.

What to Do For Your Mom When You Can't Be There on Mother's Day

Send a Surprise

I’m the world’s worst when it comes to planning ahead for a Mother’s Day gift to send. However, when I start looking online for the just-right thing, I’m always inspired to do better next time. There are so many great choices! Here’s a link to one of my favorites. What are your go-to’s when you need to send a gift?

What to Do for Your Mom When You Can't Be There on Mother's Day

Make a Donation

If your mom would be honored by a gift to her favorite charity, this is a wonderful time to give. Also, lots of churches have scholarship funds set aside to help kids go to summer camp. Get a pretty card and write something like this inside it: “Dear Mom – Thank you for the sacrifices you made to send me to church camp every year. This Mother’s Day, I’m honoring you by sending a kid whose mom might not be able to help him get there.” Woo hoo! You might even be the favorite kid for a while when you make this charitable gesture for your mom. 

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