Best Burgers in Austin, Texas – Everybody Has a Favorite

Austin's Best Burgers

Best Burgers in Austin, Texas – Everybody Has a Favorite
After four years in Austin, we’ve taken a bite out of a bunch o’ burgers, my friends. Some we’ve tried on the advice of friends, and others on the recommendation of a website or two. At this stage of the game, here’s our very own list of what we  now think are some of the best burgers in Austin.
If you’ve ever moved from your hometown to a big city, you know how much fun it is to explore all the restaurants in your new locale. It’s even more fun to ask the locals about their favorites, compile a list, and then start trying them all for yourself. Everyone has a favorite burger!
Counter Café
After I wrote my last burger post, a couple of our friends were appalled at my number-one-burger-choice and insisted that we go with them to try their top Austin’s-Best-Burger choice. It was delicious. I just love a good burger with a generous topping of sliced onion! Counter Café is known for their counter, of course, but we sat outside (at the E. 6th location), which is pretty much always a wonderful way to eat a burger in Austin.

Austin's Best Burgers

P.Terry’s Burger Stand
The local success of P.Terry’s is very well-deserved, and if you try one of their double cheeseburgers on wheat with everything, you might agree. It’s so good. Crank it up a notch with a milkshake and you might think you’ve died and gone to hamburger heaven. With their many locations, there’s most likely a P.Terry’s near you. This is the view from the window at our nearest P.Terry’s at 6th and Congress location, where we like to watch the Sunday night world go by.

Austin's Best Burgers

The first two years we lived in Austin, we enjoyed a few burgers and custard at the Braker lane location of Culver’s. This is one of those easy places to go with the whole family, where the service is speedy, the food is consistently good, and there’s something fun about the place. In my burger-book, those three things can easily garner a spot on the list of Austin’s Best Burgers. Also,having a custard-of-the-day option on the menu doesn’t hurt, either.

Austin's Best Burgers

Photo courtesy Culver’s 

Hut’s Hamburgers
Hut’s is an Austin staple. Having been around since 1939, they know what it takes to give their patrons a classic burger experience. This is a great place for families or groups of friends. On Wednesdays, you can snag the two-for-one deal, which is always a treat. If you’re visiting Austin’s downtown area and have time to walk the streets after dinner, that’s a really good thing. That way, stuffing yourself with the Wolfman Jack and an order of onion rings won’t seems quite so bad. You can just take a long walk down to the Capitol Building. Note: Parking is available, but not plentiful at Hut’s. Taking an Uber or a scooter might be the best option.

Austin's Best Burgers

Photo courtesy Hut’s Hamburgers

III Forks
If you work downtown and need a quiet spot to wait for a break in the traffic, try popping over to III Forks for a juicy cheeseburger. Served on a silver tray, with a cone of fries alongside, this happy hour 1/2 price Angus burger is not only a deal, it’s a real treat.

Austin's Best Burgers

While I’m looking forward to a future of more of the best burgers in Austin, Texas, I must say, it’s been a lot of fun getting this far on the list!
What about you? Have you stumbled onto a burger that took you by surprise? Or do you have a favorite spot where you never of  burgers the way they make them? Leave your suggestions in the comments below. 
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