50 Fun Ideas to Do While You’re Stuck Inside on a Rainy Day

50 Fun Ideas to Do When You're Stuck Inside on a Rainy Day

Whether you have kids in the house or you’re Emptynesters Over Fifty, a rainy day need not inhibit your fun! If you could use a little fresh inspiration for what to do when the storm clouds come, here’s a list of ideas that can make being stuck inside a whole lot more enjoyable.

50 Fun Ideas to Do While You're Stuck Inside on a Rainy Day

1. Play UNO.
2. Drink coffee. Make it extra-special by using your French press, or make homemade peppermint mochas.
3. Play Spoons.

4. Read a book. Now is the time to pull that classic off the shelf and dig in.
5. Give each other pedicures.
6. Bake cookies.

50 Fun Ideas to Do While You're Stuck Inside on a Rainy Day

7. Catch up on your journal.
8. Make an online photo album.
9. Clean out a closet.
10. Give your dog a bath.
50 Fun Ideas to Do While You're Stuck Inside on a Rainy Day11. Turn on your favorite tunes and dance. Teach the kids to 2-step or do the Cotton-eye Joe, or if you’re really up for it, find a YouTube swing dance lesson and learn something new.
12. Start your memoirs.
13. Watch every James Bond movie.
14. Do a puppet show.
15. Build a blanket fort.
16. Play your clarinet. Or harmonica. Or piano.
17. Color.
50 Fun Ideas to Do While You're Stuck Inside on a Rainy Day
18. Vacuum the furniture.
19. Fix a gourmet candlelight dinner.
20. Have an indoor picnic.
21. Get out the kids’ baby books and tell them stories about their birth. They love this.
22. Watch home videos.
23. Craft something you’ve pinned on Pinterest.
24. Sew.
25. Play charades.

50 Fun Ideas to Do While You're Stuck Inside on a Rainy Day

26. Do yoga.
27. Turn off the tv and talk.
28. Clean the baseboards.
29. Put on your galoshes and walk in the rain to Starbucks.
30. Have an iPad tournament with educational games like Math Ninja. Reward winners with goofy prizes from your junk drawer.
31. Plan next summer’s vacation.
32. Do your Christmas shopping online.
33. Have afternoon high tea. Get out your fancy dishes and hold out your pinkies.

50 Fun Ideas to Do While You're Stuck Inside on a Rainy Day

34. Play dress up. Let the kids dress up in your old prom dresses or bow ties and take pictures.
35. Weed out your Christmas decor.
36. Plan next week’s wardrobe.
37. Prepare a whole month’s worth of freezer meals.
38. Organize your tool and tackle boxes, and then plan your dream fishing trip.
39. This comes from our banker daughter: Search eBay for new boats and cars and trailers and wave runners, then call your banker and ask what term she can give you, what the payment would be, what’s the interest rate, etc. Then don’t buy it.

50 Fun Ideas to Do While You're Stuck Inside on a Rainy Day

40. Write overdue thank you notes.
41. Write something encouraging on the timeline of every single one of your Facebook friends.
42. Call all your out-of-town relatives and catch up.
43. Teach your dog a new trick.
44. Make chili and invite someone over.
45. Make out your grocery list.
46. Update your Spotify and Pandora playlists.
47. Listen to motivational podcasts.
48. Memorize Bible verses with your grandkids.
49. Clean out your inbox.
50. Write notes to your local police department, firefighters, hospital staff, etc., and thank them for all they do to keep us safe!

50 Fun Ideas for Fun Things To Do While You're Stuck Inside on a Rainy Day

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