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Touring Downtown Austin on Scooters – 10 Steps to Success!

There are so many ways to get around Austin, but if you want to try touring downtown on scooters, here are 10 steps to making sure your first time is a big success. One - Eat a Good Breakfast Here's how we decided to go: Brenda emails LifeGroup: Hey, anyone want to get breakfast and try scooters on Saturday morning? LifeGroup replies: One couple is available (and game). The others were big fat Saturday morning chickens! (or already had plans) Sherry and Bryan love a good adventure. They're like us -

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Solving the Mystery at Hillside Farmacy

Ranking ahead of places like St. Louis, Houston and New Orleans in Zagat's list of 30 most exciting food cities is the very one in which Hillside Farmacy has made its unique home. Well, actually, it's not the restaurant's home that is so unique. It's more the restaurant itself.  First, there's the play on the word. It intrigues people, you know. Is it a pharmacy that sells aspirin and artichokes, or is it a restaurant that serves organic salads and stocks its shelves with over-the-counter cold remedies?  Funny you should ask.

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Complete List of 66 Faith-Building Bible Verses to Memorize With Your Grandchildren

Dear Grandparent:  This is a complete list of 66 faith-building Bible verses that I'm memorizing with my granddaughter. The whole idea was born out of my desire to leave behind the ultimate spiritual legacy inside the heart of my first grandchild and any who might follow after her. But don't get the wrong idea. I was a very reluctant grandmother. In fact, I went into it kicking and screaming like some kind of spoiled two year-old.  Here's the story of the 66 verses that pitched me off the pity train and placed me onto the right

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The Blue Hole and Jacob’s Well – Make Your Reservations Soon

Two places that always top the charts of Austin area must-see locations are The Blue Hole and Jacob's Well. After 4 years of living here, we recently decided it was way past time to see these two gems for ourselves. If you're like us, and you've never seen these well-Instagrammed spots either, check out the reservation pages here and here. There are still available times between now and the last day of swimming - September 30. The Blue Hole The Blue Hole itself is a gorgeous water feature inside the 126-acre Blue Hole Regional

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#23 – Isaiah 9:6 – The Qualities of Jesus

Dear Grandparent:  This is #23 in a series of 66 Bible Faith-building Bible Verses to Memorize With Your Grandchildren. The thread that weaves itself through these verses, one from each book of the Bible, is designed to create a heart of strong faith in you and your grandchild as you commit them to memory together.  May God add his blessing to every word.  THE VERSE Isaiah 9:6 For to us a child is born, to us a son is given, and the government will be upon his shoulders. And he will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God,

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50 “I Will” Statements to Live By If You’re Over Fifty

So much of turning 50 is pure fun, y'all. Wild, crazy, middle-aged, uninhibited, who-gives-a-rip, F-U-N. But there's more to turning 50 than meets the bifocaled eye, my friends. Stuff happens. Stuff HAS happened. Stuff will continue to happen. Getting past 50 to 60 and beyond requires some serious resolve, if you ask me. We've got to stick together. We need some group-think tactics and some I WILL determination for this decade! So.Here.Ya.Go. I've gathered a little list of 50 I WILL statements for all of us to live by. Tack 'em

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Birthday Freebies!

Happy birthday to me! August is my birthday month, and I'm celebrating all over Austin with these birthday freebies. From coffee to dessert, these birthday freebies guarantee to make my day pretty special from start to finish! My Starbucks Rewards Everyone who has signed up for My Starbucks Rewards gets a free birthday beverage or treat. What a deal for all of us who love a Venti Peppermint Mocha. Note - to qualify, you must sign up at least 30 days before your birthday, and the reward can be used two days before

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