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What We Did Last Weekend

Have you ever walked into work on a Monday morning and been asked, "How was your weekend?"  And then what's the customary next question? Usually, "What did you do?" (Austin) or "Whadyall do?" (Amarillo) or "Did you study?" (Mother to college son.) Weekends here in Austin are sometimes lazy and laid back, but sometimes packed full, because there's, you know, SO much to see and SO much to do! In case you're wondering how an average couple from the beloved Texas panhandle spends that space between Friday night and Monday morning

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#18 – Job 1:1 In the Land of Uz, There Lived a Man Named Job

Have you ever known someone who is simply beyond criticism? No one finds fault with that person because there's just not any to find? These people aren't perfect, of course, but for the very most part of their day, and inside the greatest percentage of their thoughts, these people exist in in a perpetual place of honor. That was Job. He was above reproach. He was a man so forthright that the Bible uses the word "blameless" to describe his integrity. His honesty qualified him for the unique descriptor of  "upright." Job feared

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5 Outstanding Places for Patio Dining Near the Capitol

If you're spending a few days in Austin or you're planning your next date night, you might want to check out my list of 5 outstanding places for patio dining near the Capitol.  One of the very best, most wonderful and amazing things about the Texas Hill Country is the ease with which we enjoy dining outside. Morning, noon and night for almost three-fourths of the year, people eat on the patio, on a balcony or on a blanket at a park. People say that's because of the bats. The bats eat the flies. At least that's what they told

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13 Capital Coffee Shops on Congress Avenue

No one who enjoyed a cup of coffee in 1888 would have been drinking it while strolling down Congress Avenue. The paper cup wasn't even invented until 1907, and these things were a long ways from the imagination of absolutely everyone. Before a man named Walter Cecil developed his patented version in 1936, there was no paper cup with a handle on it. And then it wasn't until 1964 that fresh coffee was sold in to-go cups, when 7-Eleven  on Long Island, N.Y., became the first chain of convenience stores to sell it. Photo (1888)

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