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25 Austin Christmas Gifts for Men

Ladies, if the men on your Christmas list are the hardest ones to buy for, get ready to be inspired. The following list of 25 Austin Christmas Gifts for Men is chock full of great ideas for gifts, stocking stuffers and adventurous experiences your man is sure to love. But, hey, why is it that men are so notoriously hard to buy for, anyway?  It’s not because they don’t want anything for themselves. I think it’s just that they’re more comfortable planning gift purchases for the ones they love than they are declaring a list of

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Stretch 12 Days of Christmas Into 15 With These Holiday Musical Events

It’s almost time to deck the halls, wrap the gifts and plan the menu – but, hey, first things first.  Austin is the Live Music Capital of the World, you know. We can never get too much of a good live music thing around here – especially at Christmastime! So, if you're really looking forward to what Austin offers in the world of its live holiday music, check out this list that will help you hold that note - and stretch 12 Days of Christmas into 15. With everything from jazzy vocals to symphonic instrumentals, there's a lot to

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6 Matchy-Match Planners Both You and Your Daughter Will Love

 If  you're the mom of a 20 something, you remember the days of mother-daughter-matchy-match.  We ordered matchy-match from exclusive southern catalogs. We bought patterns and fabric so we could create our very own two-of-a-kind originals. Matchy-match was the theme of many family photos, and it was SO much fun while it lasted. But here's the thing. It didn't last long. In the blink of an eye, our daughters were so over it. Just about the time we were cutting four legs out of two sizes of a Butterick pattern for the

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A Lovely Fall Day Trip to Brenham

A Lovely Fall Day Trip to Brenham When you live in the Texas hill country, Brenham is a well-known day trip destination. That's partly because of its proximity to Austin (just about an hour and a half east on Hwy 290) and partly because of its thriving downtown (shops and restaurants around the walkable town square). [caption id="attachment_4432" align="aligncenter" width="1201"] Photo courtesy[/caption] However, what really gives Brenham a top spot on the day-trip list is the fact that there's always

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Little City Coffee Roasters Makes Big Impact on Austin Coffee Drinkers

Little City Coffee Roasters Makes Big Impact on Austin Coffee Drinkers It was a little too early to wake the sleeping giant beside me that Sunday morning. Just because I couldn’t go back to sleep didn’t mean I should disrupt the blessed zzzzzzs of my sweet, hormonally-balanced man. I had already been awake for almost two hours. Thinking. Praying. Planning. Perusing Facebook on my phone. Being quiet. It was Sunday. We can sleep in on Sundays, I reminded myself. You should go back to sleep, I self-instructed. Oh, well, I can

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