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7 Practical Ways to Honor Your Parents

7 Practical Ways to Honor Your Parents Smack-dab in the middle of the Ten Commandments are these very direct words from God concerning our parents. Honor your father and your mother, that your days may be long in the land that the Lord your God is giving to you.  Exodus 20:12 All the commandments are important, but this is the only one with a promise attached to it. That's so interesting, isn't it? God tells us to keep the Sabbath holy, keep ourselves faithful in marriage, worship no other, speak truth, use his name

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13 Must-Have Smartphone Apps for Everyone Over Fifty

Of all the inventions our generation has seen over the last 50 years, the cell phone may just be the most influential. When our dads hit the Big 5-0, asking for a new phone for their birthdays would have been a pretty expensive request, considering that the cost for a good bag phone was around $800. And then, our dads had to be willing to pay $49 a month for a measly 30 minutes of usage. In addition to the cost, bag phones were never really seen by our parents as a convenience, but were more viewed as a constraint. The 50-year

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15 Ways to Make it Feel a Little More Like Fall in Texas

Once we've endured a hot Texas summer and worn the elastic out of everyone's swimsuits, it's time to make the smooth and velvety transition into the cooler temperatures and warmer colors of fall. Though the thermometer displays a summer number, never fear. Here are 15 ways to make it feel a little more like fall in Texas. The aspens of Colorado - by Jeff Stovall (see more of his work on Instagram @jnstovall)  Change the Sheets Put a good soft set of knit or flannel sheets on your bed! Even if you wear your coolest, most

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