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A Carefree New Place to Eat – Caroline on Congress Avenue

If you've been reading along with me on this intentionally-adventurous journey, you know that I dearly LOVE all things Congress Avenue. From the Capitol Building to, there's never anything boring about Texas' Main Street. Now, there's a new place to eat, and I just love it. Caroline on Congress Avenue From the font to the front door, Caroline's mission is obvious- inviting and carefree dining for locals and visitors alike. Passersby can check out the menu before they go inside this incredible multi-faceted

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50 Fun Ideas to Do While You’re Stuck Inside on a Rainy Day

Whether you have kids in the house or you're Emptynesters Over Fifty, a rainy day need not inhibit your fun! If you could use a little fresh inspiration for what to do when the storm clouds come, here's a list of ideas that can make being stuck inside a whole lot more enjoyable. 1. Play UNO. 2. Drink coffee. Make it extra-special by using your French press, or make homemade peppermint mochas. 3. Play Spoons. 4. Read a book. Now is the time to pull that classic off the shelf and dig in. 5. Give each other pedicures. 6.

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I Will Repay You – 66 Faith-Building Verses #29

As Kynzie (my granddaughter) and I approach the 29th verse on our quest to memorize one verse from each book of the Bible, we sense the momentum that has built along the way. By now, we've clearly heard and understood, verse by verse by verse, God's plan and God's heart for his people. He has continually assured them of his plans for their lives, his principles of discipline for their own good, and his passion for keeping them as his own. In what feels like our final lap around the Old Testament, we are memorizing verses from

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All This and More Can Be Yours at Buc-ee’s

If it's really true that everything is bigger in Texas, Buc-ee's is one place that proves it.  With its Beaver-beholden label on loads of signature snacks, Buc-ee's is drawing roadsters in for their roadies like nobody's business. (Taffy is one of Buc-ee's bestsellers.) If you forgot to bring a nice piece of jewelry home from your business trip to Houston, just stop for a bag of these Beaver Nuggets or Buc-ee's Nug-ees for your sweetie. There's a chance she'll be just as happy. But, hold it, first stop - restrooms!

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#28 – Hosea Makes the Headlines

Note: This post provides the backdrop for #28  in the list of 66 faith-filled Bible verses my granddaughter and I are memorizing together. We started at Genesis 1:1, and we're working our way through the whole Bible, one verse from each book.

And he did. Hosea married a cheater. Not the kind who didn't keep her eyes on her own paper, either. At the beginning of Hosea's career as a prophet, he married a woman who had an unappealing name and a reputation that was even worse. Described as adulterous,

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The Question I’m Asked Most Often

Where should we eat? People ask me this question all the time, but for lots of different reasons.  Maybe company is coming to town. Maybe they're new to Austin. Most are celebrating something special in their lives. No matter why they’re asking, though, I’m thrilled that they do! I love Austin, and I love to share about what we've found to do, see and eat. Since moving here, we’ve kept a running register of the restaurants we’ve tried. Would you like to guess just how many different names are on the list?

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Everybody Needs a Favorite Burger

Everybody needs a favorite burger. In Amarillo, we had a favorite burger - or two. One family spot we frequented had a counter where you placed your order and they wrote down your name. After you found your table, you patiently waited until the familiar words rang out on the sound system for all the patrons to hear: Brenda, YOUR BUNS ARE UP. All the middleschoolers in our pack thought that was great fun. In Austin, when it's time for a burger (and somehow, we all just know when it's time, don't we?), we make a mad dash to the

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