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5 Cool Ways to Beat the Heat and Enjoy What’s Left of Summer

Summertime ... and the livin' is easy. - DuBose Heyward and George Gershwin If you're good about introducing your children to different genres and styles of music, you're to be commended.  So very wholeheartedly commended, I say. If my mother had not introduced me to Gershwin tunes, I would never have completely fallen in love with this song. Where I was when I first heard it, I just can't remember. But it struck such a chord (so to speak) within me that, even today, when I hear it, my eyes immediately close and I try hard

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How to Figure Out Politics If You’re a Ditzy Blonde – The Post I was Scared to Write

(Note: This is number three in my 3-part travel series chronicling our family trip to Washington, D.C. If you missed out on the previous posts, here's Day One and Day Two.) This is the post I wasn't sure I would have the courage to write.  (At the entrance to a presidential exhibit at the Smithsonian Museum of American History.) At no time in my life have I considered myself a deep thinker. I took government in high school and philosophy in college. I understand the basics of our checks-and-balances structure, and

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3 Packed Days in D.C. – Where to Go and What to Eat

(Note: This is Day Two of a series of three posts about our family's trip to Washington, D.C. In case you missed Day One, here's where to find it.) 3 Packed Days in D.C. - Where to Go and What to Eat My dear man LOVES a certain movie. We saw it the first time together, but the million and 12 times after that, he's seen it on his own. In bits and pieces. In small Saturday afternoon splices and Sunday night special scenes. I don't think he's seen it in its entirety more than once, but he NEVER tires of whatever part he gets to

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3 Packed Days in D.C. How We Got There, Where We Stayed and How We Got Around

"Why aren't we flying? Because getting there is half the fun. You know that." - Clark Griswold [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="1920"] Photo credit -[/caption] Clark Griswold was right about that. Back in the day, half the fun of vacation was the getting there part. Well...until the driver who had just about had it pulled over to let all of you have it. My step-dad cared not one lick (so to speak) where we were when it was time to pull that big brown station wagon of ours over, either. We could have been

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It’s a Miracle! 4 New Pairs of Shoes that Don’t Hurt My Feet?!?

It's not that I have a fetish or anything (that sounds pretty creepy), but on the other hand, I  do notice pretty feet. And I'm certainly not the only one.   The Chinese have long ago discontinued the tradition of foot binding; however, it was a practice long- considered as greatly contributing to the beauty of a wealthy young girl. In India, children bow to touch the feet of their elders as a sign of great respect. Don't show the sole of your shoe when visiting the Middle East, but do try to trip on your left foot when in Russia

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#25 We’ve Reached a Milestone!

Kynzie and I have made it to our first big milestone on our scripture memory journey! We’ve now memorized 25 verses together!!! Woo-hoo!!! It has taken time, but not that much. It's taken effort, but it's surprisingly not that overwhelming. It's been hard, but not impossible. We may not make our goal of 66 by the end of the year, but, hey, we've already gotten to #25! Do you know what’s been the hardest part? It’s not remembering the book of the Bible where the verse is found. It’s not the succession of the words in the

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12 Ways to Entertain Your Grandkids in Austin

“The best baby-sitters, of course, are the baby’s grandparents. You feel completely comfortable entrusting your baby to them for long periods, which is why most grandparents flee to Florida.” - Dave Barry Florida or Texas - Orlando or Austin - grandparents really, actually, of course, love to be with their grandkids, and if yours is coming to stay a week this summer, well, I know you can hardly wait. Unless ... you can't think of a thing in the world to do when they arrive. Will they be bored? Are you sure they will love

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