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How to Move Your Son to Austin (or Anywhere), Mid-Junior Year, and Not Live to Regret It

How do you move a teenage boy across the state of Texas, from the top... to the middle... From the flat lands of the Panhandle, where he knows everyone and shows pigs for fun ... To the hills of central Texas where he knows no one and never thought about learning to paddleboard? Have you ever, ever, ever, in your cross-legged life sat around the picnic blanket with other moms and dreamily discussed moving your kids to a new city once they hit the midpoint of junior year? Neither have I. It's one of those subjects.

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#17 – Esther 4:14 – For If You Remain Silent at This Time

My granddaughter and I are memorizing 66 verses together, one from each book of the Bible. It started out as a lofty goal on my part, as I over-enthusiastically planned for us to be finished in one year's time. Well, it's going to take us longer than I thought, but it's proving to be time well spent.  Verse #17 is one of our favorites so far. It's about a brave young Jewish woman named Esther who was exiled with her people in the Persian empire under the rule of King Xerxes. One day, Esther's life takes a very unexpected

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The 5 Restaurants Next Up On My List to Try

If you're a list-maker, list-taker, list-lover like I am, you might also have a list of all the restaurants you've tried, liked, loved - or wouldn't recommend to anyone. I have such lists, and in the same order as the previous categories, my lists are long, long, long and short. Here's why. It's not hard for me to find something I like at pretty much any restaurant.  Especially in Austin. While I definitely have developed a detailed list of favorites, I'm always game for trying some grub at a new spot or checking an

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Need a Last-Minute Gift Idea for Mom?

Since 1913, when President Woodrow Wilson signed Mother's Day into national observance, the second Sunday in May has been the day to celebrate our moms. Out of all the Sundays in the year, I wonder how Mr. Wilson chose this one. Did he and his wife, Ellen, discuss it? Did he ask the mother of his three daughters when she thought might be the best Sunday for Americans to celebrate their beloved mothers from now until forever? I have no idea! However, if you ask me, he did good.  Winter is gone, and spring has come. Frost has

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#13 and #14 – 66 Faith-Building Bible Verses to Memorize

#13 - I Chronicles 29:11 Yours, O Lord, is the greatness and the power and the glory and the majesty and the splendor, for everything in heaven and in earth is yours.  Aside from the thrill of listening to Kynzie's voice as she recites the verses we're memorizing together, I also love the creativity with which she approaches the task. Hand motions have been an effective memorization tool for some of our previous verses, but for this one, we needed to try something a little different. The five attributes of

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What to Do With Your Parents When They Come to Visit? Here are 5 Great Ideas

Back in the day, when our kids were little and we lived in the tiny little town of Muleshoe, Texas, my parents and grandmother would come visit our family and end up working pretty hard all weekend long. They did everything from clean the baseboards to babysit the kids! (Check out these baseboard cleaning tips from Clean Mama.) Since we live in Austin, there's a lot more to do than clean the baseboards (although I think I probably should!) so, when our parents come to visit, I'd rather throw out the welcome mat and treat

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