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#11 – Wisdom as Measureless as the Sand on the Seashore

(Note: This is #11 in a series of 66 Bible verses my granddaughter and I are memorizing. To read the others, just search by the number. You can start here. It's my hope and prayer that we as grandparents will memorize scripture with our grandchildren as part of the great legacy we leave them!) When I was in high school, our church was BIG on youth choir. Big as in everyone wanted to be a part of it. Big as in even all the cutest guys wanted to be in our youth choir. It was GREAT FUN. We had a lot of talented voices, amazing

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Are Millennials Less Cluttered than Boomers? – Austin Over Fifty

In case you haven't noticed, the subject of clutter seems to be a hot topic these days. Whether we're talking about the world's trash crisis or just the state of a neighbor's overflowing garage, we're all starting to feel the pull toward a simpler relationship with our stuff. I have wondered, though, is this mainly the problem of my generation? Are millennials less cluttered than boomers? Millennials or Boomers? Who has more stuff? Y'all know I love millennials. This whole group is very interesting, highly educated, and they're

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#9 and #10 – Two Things that Really Matter to God

If you have been following along with me and my granddaughter on our quest to memorize 66 Bible verses together, you may either be glad that you're doing it with us - or, whew, really thankful you didn't try to take this one on for yourself! It's definitely a big and lofty goal. Kynzie and I are coming right along, and we've already memorized a verse from one-third of the Old Testament books! Yet, the value of this commitment isn't in how we've started, or even how far we've already come. The real reward will come when we

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How We Threw a Fabulous Austin Wedding on a Three Month Timeline and The Love Story Behind it All

As I write this post, it's been exactly one year to the day since our middle child married the man of her dreams ... and list. No longer in the technically newlywed category, they've made it through their first year! As our daughter and her husband (that still sounds crazy when I hear myself say it!) came to Austin this weekend to celebrate, the four of us reminisced about the fabulous wedding we all enjoyed just 365 days ago. We only had three months to plan it - but we pulled it off without a single hitch. Here's what

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