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The Tree of Life

When Mike and I got married, we both worked full time and went to school at night. We weren't penniless, but we also didn't have much in the budget for Christmas decor. It was kind of expensive to get my hair permed, you know. What we did have was a huge "bow pillow" that someone made out of white netting, ruffled around the edges, and stuffed with all of the bows from our wedding gifts. Those bows became the ornaments on our first Christmas tree. Through the years, we've gathered lots of pretty ornaments - gifts from my

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Snap Chat Over Fifty

My oldest daughter frequently reminds me that I once said these words: Cell phones are the D-e-v-i-l. Bag phones in the car were different. They could be used in an emergency, for crying out loud. It made me a little more comfortable when carting my kids back and forth on country roads - just knowing that I could plug that hefty cord into the cigarette lighter and call someone - IF we needed them. We couldn't really use a bag phone for much more than quick emergency-type calls, because just using it at all was expensive. I

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The Itinerary I Chose For My Friends’ Visit

Since I've been blogging about all the many places to see and all the many fabulous things to eat in Austin, I've got a Texas-sized arsenal of ideas for where to take our friends when they come to visit. There's only one problem. When really special girlfriends are coming for a weekend - only for a weekend - how in the world do you narrow it down?? There are plenty of helpful to-do lists out there, but, I had a huge dilemma on my hands! How was I supposed to combine 100 Things to Do in Austin Before You Die... with 100 Things

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A Scenic Day Trip to Krause Springs for a Late Fall Picnic

I just dearly love Thanksgiving.  The flavors, the togetherness, the weather - and the family games. This year, we played Hedbanz, and it was great fun! By the time Friday rolls around, though, if you're like me, you kinda start itchin' for a little something to do outside.   Shopping? Maybe.  More likely, something like a great little day trip.  So we packed a day trip picnic with turkey sandwiches from two loaves of French bread that we could slice when we reached our destination, and loaded them into our insulated bag,

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About me

Hi, there! I'm glad you're here! My name is Brenda McDearmon, and this website is filled with my own personal brand of encouragement for you, from me. Welcome!