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Three Things I Love About Living in Austin

When we moved to Austin, everything was unfamiliar. The traffic patterns, the grocery store aisles, and every face on every single person we met. Here are three things that soon became more commonplace and are now known to be things I love about living in Austin! The Weather Truly, I hate to broadcast how great the weather is in Austin.  It almost feels like bragging.  You know, that kind of bragging that says, “My dad is stronger than yours.” But, boy, do I ever LOVE the hill country weather. Recently, I was exclaiming about

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Fredericksburg is Home to Orchards and Vineyards

Most people in the Texas Hill Country are well aware and pretty well-acquainted with a little German town situated between Austin and El Paso.  Well, actually, it's a mighty "fer piece" from El Paso, but, still, it is between here and there. Fredericksburg is Home to Many Orchards Since at least as early as 1936, the Fredericksburg area has been the home of peach growers. A short search reveals red dots on the map, indicating names like Eckhardt, Marburger, Vogel and Jenschke, family names of orchards that have been around for

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About me

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