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Father’s Day Menu

The Plan Here's the thing.  Overfiftyers are free in so many ways.  Free to stay home for dinner every night if they want to, and free to go out if they don't.  Granted, eating out for two is way cheaper than taking a family of five. However, it is still more expensive to eat out, even for the two of us, so we eat at home a lot...but we keep it a little simpler. Before we get to the Father's Day Menu itself, let's chat about the Over Fifty kitchen in general. The Rotation Breakfast for supper is on the rotation at least once

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Empty Nesters Moving Downtown (Part 1)

It's a Trend One of the most prevalent trends for our generation of Over Fiftyers is this - empty nesters moving downtown. We're selling suburban homes, getting rid of collected stuff, and asking the kids if they're sure they don't want their grandparents' antiques. It's a Process For empty nesters, moving downtown is fun, it's deliberate, and it's all kinds of adventurous. But, it's also a process. Here's how it worked a couple of hometown homebodies who couldn't have ever dreamed this would be us. Moving Downtown Over 50

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What to Know Before You Go to Magnolia Market in Waco, Texas

A Short Drive North From Austin Just a hop, a skip and a jump north from Austin (with a short stop at Buc-ee's in Temple, of course!) will get you to the historic and surprisingly progressive mid-sized Texas town of Waco (pronounced way-coe). This is a historic place, partly because of a tornado that ripped through the streets on May 11, 1953, killing over 100 people (!), but probably more so because of the savvy TV couple who have made the town famous in a totally different way. Photo courtesy At Home - a Blog by Joanna

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About me

Hi, there! I'm glad you're here! My name is Brenda McDearmon, and this website is filled with my own personal brand of encouragement for you, from me. Welcome!